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We based in Staveley Kendal and offer first class gutter cleaning, gutter replacement and upvc cleaning to include window frames, conservatories, gutters and roof lines. Soffit and fascia board replacement restoration and painting. No fuss and no mess. Fixed price quotations for all work.

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Gutter cleaning with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Homeowners and businesses alike can  leave the worry behind and let our experienced professionals take care of your gutter and downspout cleaning needs. 

Your clogged gutters or downspouts aren’t going to fix themselves and they rarely get better over time. Ring now for no obligation fixed price quotation.


Why do you need our gutter services? If you have poorly installed gutters, your home is in jeopardy! This is especially true in the Lake District. Rains bring water back to your home causing rot damage to exterior doors and windows, and other wood. This can result in extensive damage and expensive repair work. The water can also damage landscaping and foundation. In addition, clogged gutters and drains are just as serious for your home. A blocked gutter passage will send water where it doesn’t belong. Dirty gutters is worse than no gutters at all! If you’re unsure of the quality and state of your gutters, please contact us now. We want to help you keep your largest asset safe… your home.


We are here to help you with your whitening and cleaning needs for your window frames, conservatories, gutters and roof lines. A lot of times it is not easy to reach UPVC surfaces in your home and it is especially not easy to clean them properly. That is why we are  happy to take on this task for you. We will come to your home and using specially selected chemicals and equipment, will restore your weathered UPVC surfaces to their original luster and colour.